DOW door de 20.000 punten

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Op dit moment kunnen in dit forum alleen berichten worden gelezen. Dit is een tijdelijke situatie. Kom later nog eens terug.
DOW door de 20.000 punten
25 januari 2017 19:46
En het is zover, DOW gaat door de 20.000 punten!

En nu??? eye rolling smiley

Re: DOW door de 20.000 punten
26 januari 2017 09:15
Binnenkort flinke correctie. Zeker 10% omlaag ...
Re: DOW door de 20.000 punten
26 januari 2017 11:49
Dat zullen we dan wel zien ... het duurt zolang het duurt.
We hebben een hele periode horizontaal achter de rug ... heel 2015 en 2016 is het enkel maar horizontaal gegaan. Voor de small caps zelfs al sinds 2014. Er lijkt dus wel wat ruimte voor wat verder omhoog. Maar opnieuw: het duurt zolang het duurt.
Re: DOW door de 20.000 punten
27 januari 2017 06:40
De VIX staat ook echt super laag.
Re: DOW door de 20.000 punten
27 januari 2017 10:27
AntiHEB Schreef:
> De VIX staat ook echt super laag.
--- Inderdaad. Dat is in het verleden al vaak de voorbode geweest van een correctie ...
Re: DOW door de 20.000 punten
09 mei 2017 09:22
VIX op 9.77 gesloten gisteren ... how low can it go spinning smiley sticking its tongue out
Re: DOW door de 20.000 punten
09 mei 2017 09:26
Inderdaad. Ik dacht gisterenavond net hetzelfde.
Met deze lage volatiliteit staan de optieprijzen ook 'historisch' laag .... sad smiley
Re: DOW door de 20.000 punten
15 mei 2017 13:10
Interessante strategie voor als de vix laag staat:


Protecting a Portfolio Against Downside Moves

April 27, 2017/2 Comments/in Mentor Blog /by Mark Fenton

Sometimes in a long bull market trend, like what we’ve been experiencing, it is easy to overlook protecting options trades and stock portfolios against downside moves. It is easy to get complacent whenever you see the market shake off any negative news and maybe only with a pause it goes back up, but eventually the market will have a correction. Of course one of the best ways to protect yourself is to have some protective measures on ahead of time so that you are not scrambling to protect yourself once the move is in play. In my mind one of the best ways to do this is to consider purchasing long verticals or long calls in the VIX options two to three months out in time. Considering VIX options currently in late May or early June would be attractive. What I like to do is wait for a day whenever the VIX pulls back a bit and then look at buying options at 2 to 3 points out of the money and a few more points out of the money. For example if the VIX is at 11, you may want to consider buying 13 call options and also calls at maybe 17 or 18. I think that those are all attractive levels to look at to protect yourself. You will see that the VIX moves very quickly whenever the market makes down moves and often you have many chances to be profitable in these options on the market pullback, particularly a quick one, and you can do this by either purchasing long calls or long call verticals, your choice. Of course long call verticals can lower the cost of the trade but with slightly more brokerage fees.

When you do strategies on option plays such as butterflies or calendars, you can also consider buying an out of the money put below a position to protect yourself if the market makes a quick pullback. Once the down move is underway look for an opportunity for a slight pause or pullback in the VIX to make your entry. You can still protect yourself even on some slight spikes, and this was just a few of the ways you can give yourself some peace of mind against the coming downtrend or a quick bearish market moves. We at Sheridan Options Mentoring are prepared to help with this and further developing your options trading business.

Mark Fenton